Spring 2017 Fetter Chamber Orchestra Concert #2

The lights in Lang Concert Hall dimmed as Concert and Production Manager Jeanette Honig took to the stage to commence the start of that night’s Fetter Chamber Orchestra Concert, I took my seat in the audience. What followed were groups of student

COFE grants professional opportunity to students

Three current Swarthmore students began the Chamber Orchestra First Editions Sunday Performance at Lang Concert Hall by conducting one of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s pieces. Although another conductor would orchestrate the other pieces that night, the three students, Aaron Slepoi ’17,  Andrew Kim

There’s more to music education than classical music

Before coming to Swarthmore, I didn’t care much for Western Classical music. I might’ve played it in the background while doing my homework, but beyond that my only exposure to it had been through my high school choir. To me, it lacked

Classical music doesn’t deserve its reputation

Classical music has seen better days. As a proud lover of this genre, I have had to defend it against some criticism here at Swarthmore. Students have remarked to me that classical music is “elitist” and, accordingly, not worth their time. I’m