Newt and Reggie’s Last Words

“AHHHH!” Sky, tree, and earth raced around my furry squirrel body as I felt the wind roar my last rites in my little ears. It wasn’t the fall itself that would bring me death; it was the fall onto Jane, the president

You Are Squirrel, I Am Chipmunk

Some part of them was warning Reggie that this was a terrible idea. Merely thinking about trespassing onto squirrel territory would get them into some serious trouble. But as they watched a squirrel with an unusual head to body ratio scamper away

The Tail of The Squirrel

Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I’d say this, but it’s about to get nutty! I am writing this as I wait for Newt the Squirrel to come back: he agreed to give me his take on chipmunk-squirrel relations

An Allegory for a Good Night’s Sleep

    At night, there should be rest. With the sun going down at a predictable 5:30 p.m., I always try to see it as a time to de-stress from the day and fall into a blissful sleep. But rarely is the night