Stephen Walt: Foreign policy-wise, Trump is much of the same

Phi Beta Kappa lecturer and foreign policy expert Stephen Walt offered harsh criticism of the American foreign policy establishment last Thursday, Oct. 26. In his talk, titled “Where is U.S. Foreign Policy Headed?” Walt argued that foreign policy under president Trump is


Swat Volleyball Takes China by Storm

While most Swarthmore students were enjoying their last few weeks of summer, the Swarthmore Women’s Volleyball Team headed to China in search of some challenging competition to prepare them for the fall season. Along the way, they tried new foods, found a

Itoh’s novel tells tale of young woman in wartime Shanghai

After working for years at institutions including the United Nations and the World Bank, Keiko Itoh ’74 decided to return to school to pursue a PhD in economic history, which eventually resulted in her producing a semi-biographical historical novel, “My Shanghai, 1942-1946,”

Woodcuts features father of Chinese literature

Despite his mighty legacy as the father of modern Chinese literature, Lu Xun’s presence at Swarthmore is a humble one, manifesting in the new woodcut exhibition in the Cratsley Lounge on the second floor of McCabe. “Lu Xun: 1930s Woodcuts from Shanghai”

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