Zero Waste (EP01): The Dung Crisis

Ding-dong! A pile of DUNG has arrived in your backyard. Imagine a hill of human manure piling up in your backyard. You just flushed your smelly poop down the toilet, but proud products of bowel movements made by your neighbor and even

New Zero-Waste Initiatives Mark Gradual Progress Towards 2035 Goal

Upon returning to campus this semester, students face several changes meant to contribute to Swarthmore College’s sustainability initiatives. In June, the college established a new goal: to become a zero waste campus by 2035 and transition to energy-efficient practices in the coming


C4 Students Protest Covanta Incinerator in Media

The country’s largest trash incinerator is only four miles away from Swarthmore. On March 16, Chester City residents and students in the area protested its presence once again due to health and environmental concerns. Recently, the City of Chester renewed its contract


Engaged Scholarship Evolves in Response to Pandemic

    The COVID-19 pandemic has forced all professors to rethink their curriculum and adapt to remote learning. This transition, however, is particularly difficult for professors running Engaged Scholarship (ESCH) courses, programs that are based on in-person experiences in local communities in Chester

New Student-Run Volunteer Org Connects Students with DelCo

Volunteer Council of Delaware County (VCDC) co-directors Yi Wei ’21, Maleyah Peterson ’21, and Terence Thomas ’21 founded the group in Fall 2018. Since then, VCDC has been brainstorming a series of Workshop programs with help from their volunteers and college partners,

Sustainability and Zero Waste: Swarthmore at a Glance

On Friday, Oct. 21,  the Zero Waste Working Group held their annual Waste Characterization Study, where bins of gray, green, and blue surrounded a tent with a table on Parrish Beach. Volunteers sorted Swarthmore’s trash, recycling, and compost into their respective categories

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