Make Compassion and Understanding the New Normal

As we settle into this new normal “post” pandemic, many colleges around the country have begun to revise and update their COVID policies to reflect the most current trends in local areas. For example, the University of Pennsylvania recently announced that masking

Finding a Place on Campus to Rest and Revive

What are the most important functionalities for the public spaces on campus? The most common concerns are always whether the public areas can satisfy our academic or social needs. Are there enough rooms for us to study quietly? What are the best

Importance of social spaces

Where are your Swarthmore memories? McCabe or Paces for late nights, Sci Commons or Essie’s for lazy afternoons, maybe even the occasional live show in the WSRN Big Room? The experiences we have here at Swarthmore, and indeed anywhere, are often inextricable

The Cornell booths: A frustrated love letter

I consider myself a reasonably level-headed person. Neither a powdery iced chai nor an especially swampy Mertz field can ruin my day. But two weeks ago, as someone clambered over me to exit a Cornell booth for the third time in 10