Joseph Rizzo ’15 for Campus Life Representative

My name is Joseph Rizzo, and I am interested in running for Swarthmore Student Council Campus Life Representative.  I believe that I will thrive in this position because my mission, like that of the Campus Life Representative, is to further improve the

Kate Aronoff ’14 for Campus Life Representative

I’m Kate Aronoff, and I would like to be your Campus Life Representative. While I don’t usually play in the realm of electoral politics, in my two years at Swarthmore it has become increasingly apparent that there is a disconnect between the

Sean Bryant ’13 for Campus Life Representative

Wuddup Swarthmore College! My name is Sean Bryant and I am running for the position of Campus Life Representative. To share a little about myself for those who do not know, I am a junior from Mt. Vernon, NY, double-majoring in Black