$15 is a Humble Request

As you may have seen, there’s a petition for a $15 minimum wage for student workers going around campus. The petition, called “$15 For Work,” started just a couple weeks ago but has already garnered strong support from the Swarthmore community (900-plus-signatures

Who Has the Power? My Journey into Swat Bureaucracy

Ever since the Board of Managers chose not to divest from fossil fuels, I’ve started envisioning the people “at the top” of the Swarthmore administration, who chose to ignore the strong student support of divestment. In my more dramatic moments, I imagined

Fixing girls’ dress codes won’t fix the problem

First things first: welcome back to Swarthmore, everyone! The summer has given me quite the wealth of topics to write about, at least until all that can be said has been said and there’s no point in reiterating all the issues, and