Drexel at Olde Club

Last week, Drexel bands Hotel Breakfast, Simply Sedated, Slow Burning Daydream, and The Jette Planes performed at Olde Club. Photos shot on a Nikon d7000.

On the Value of Breakfast

I have three meals almost every day. While lunch and dinner give me study breaks and are always welcome, breakfast is by far the best meal. I rarely, if ever, skip breakfast, and tend to make it the best tasting meal of

Why You Should Go to ML Breakfast

I wondered about the food at Swarthmore after I was accepted. I asked some upperclassmen about their impressions of campus food, and I searched comments and complaints about campus food online. It seemed that quite a lot of people didn’t like the

Vicky’s Place: A Prime Place for Breakfast

Breakfast has traditionally been lauded as the most important meal of the day, and it’s impossible for me to feel fully refreshed after waking up until I’ve eaten breakfast. I often stand with breakfast hardliner Leslie Knope who wondered “Why would anyone

Vicky’s Place so cheap, totally delicious

Sixteen years have passed since Swarthmore’s residents announced their desire for a broader selection of restaurants in the Ville. Considering that we currently have a grand total of six restaurants, I’m not sure if their wishes did much good. However, foremost among