Spring Break at Swarthmore

Although Spring Break gives students time to go home or travel, many opt to stay on campus. Because of Swarthmore’s participation in the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority’s (SEPTA) Key Advantage UPass Program – which gives students up to 240 free rides on

Breaks Should Be Breaks

Thanksgiving break is approaching, a time that many students spend with family and friends. It’s in the name, yet when the time comes, the last thing it feels like is a break. On many breaks, including Fall and Spring Break, some professors

Totally Legitimate, Real Tips for Spring Break

Spring Break, (n): A week designed for students to either get drunk in Fort Lauderdale or return home so that family members can judgmentally ask whether they got an actual, paid internship for the summer.   To my fellow Swatties who seek

Draw a picture, take a break!

Midterm season is upon us and it’s easy to become too stressed or overwhelmed. However, we at the Phoenix want to stress the importance of self-care and the need to take a break every once in awhile.  We want to encourage you

Editorial: spring break for…never?

The term “spring break” may be a misnomer for the week without classes given to students at the college each March. A “break” would imply a pause in work or activity, however, we at the Phoenix believe that when professors schedule midterms