Go See Hidden Figures

I do not pretend to be a film critic, but what I do know is that “Hidden Figures” is the movie the entirety of America needs to go see right now. The story centers around Katherine Goble — married name Katherine Johnson

The self defeating dualism of a safe and intellectual campus

Editor’s note: This article was written and submitted before the events of Tuesday at Mizzou’s campus transpired. Content warning: Racial violence Yale University, University of Missouri and Wesleyan College have recently seen varying levels of national coverage for incidents concerning speech tolerance

Racial violence at Mizzou and Yale cannot be tolerated

Content warning: Racial violence During the past week, a new series of acts of violence against Black students at college campuses across the country have gained national media attention. At Yale University, reports have surfaced of women of color being turned away

The dangerous deception of campus diversity

The idea of “campus diversity” is, in a sense, a crude way of simplifying a variance of student backgrounds, passions, and experiences into a mere mix of black and brown faces. As a young student of color in the college search process,