Big Chair, Bigger Heart

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with Parrish Beach, a pillar (pasture, rather) of the Swarthmore community: a see-all, tell-none source — until now. What would Swarthmore’s campus be without its largest and most strangely-named patch of grass? Where would we

‘Tis the season for Crum hikes and beach days

If you felt disappointed upon your initial arrival to Swarthmore this fall because you witnessed far fewer Parrish Beach hangouts than the admissions literature had advertised, you’re probably right to feel this way. I don’t have any data on the matter, but


Postcards From Abroad: Nadin Hamza

Dear Campus Journal, Inona no vao vao?* *What’s up? About two weeks ago, I flew out from Cairo to Antananarivo, Madagascar’s biggest city and capital. It’s the summer season here, but also the rainiest time of the year. The first couple of