The conservative role in the contraception drama

Rush Limbaugh must be responsible for countless American hearing losses — such is the off-puting boom of his voice. Meanwhile, Rick Santorum expects the sky to come crashing down any moment now — such is God’s wrath. Yes, I’m a conservative; and

Obama’s no budget superman: revealing the kryptonite

Three years ago this month, President Obama announced that he would halve the deficit by the end of his first term. Judging by Obama’s latest attempt at a budget, he has decided to disregard any deficit reduction. On Monday, Obama released his

Race & the GOP: Tyler Becker

The 2008 general election campaign brought America its first African-American president. Barack Obama’s election will forever stand in the hearts and minds of Americans as a moment of progress. Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his famous “I Have a Dream” speech less

Race & the GOP: Sam Sussman

Sam Sussman maintains that the racialization of politics is a GOP strategy Last week, the Republican Presidential Primary reached a new low — who would have thunk it? — even before Newt Gingrich promised a 51st state on the moon (this, sadly,

Campaign desperation in Obama’s embrace of Occupy

Anxious for any issue to jump start his bid for reelection, President Obama has chosen to position himself as a raving populist and promote the Occupy movement. Liberals view the movement as their own Tea Party, while the White House sees it

Exposing Republicans, the woes of a leaderless party

Concern trolling is one of my least favorite forms of punditry, so I have refrained from commenting on the Republican Presidential Primary thus far. I don’t like it when conservatives give “friendly” advice to Democrats and tell Democrats what is in their

American Jobs Act an inept economic strategy

The American Jobs Act is 155 pages of pedestrian ideas. President Obama has implored Congress to “Pass this bill!” so many times that the National Journal issued a catchy musical remix. No amount of sloganeering is going to put a dent in