The Class of 2024’s “Second Collection”

As the only class to begin their college career fully remotely, the Class of 2024 attended every part of their first-year orientation, including First Collection, virtually. First Collection, a Swarthmore tradition held in the Scott Amphitheater, usually consists of speeches from the

(Cor)boning in the amphitheater in spring

This is the vice issue, so I wrote erotica (TW: explicit description of various sexual acts between two consenting cis men). The first person doesn’t imply it’s a true story, but it doesn’t preclude it either. Enjoy. I’d never spoken to him,

Greek tragedy fights its environment in Medea

Rehearsals for “Medea” began just like one of the lines of cocaine I’d witnessed, as an innocent bystander, being cautiously sniffed two and a half weeks ago by some faceless and nameless Swattie and his friend in the dark, off a small,