Childhood, Cannabis, and Cycles: Chitchatting with James Padilioni

Professor James Padilioni is a visiting assistant professor in the religion and environmental studies departments. His interests lie in African Diasporic ritual, healing justice, and herbalism — topics that explore the overlap of religion and environmental studies. Professor Padilioni has taught classes


Landscapes of Violence

Recent protest movements have highlighted the ongoing racial and environmental destruction caused by our industrialized society. The actions of supposedly Democratic governments are disgraceful and a painful reminder of our broken capitalist system. A system that has caused, and continues to cause,

Journalism As Activism: A Talk With Photojournalist Marcio Pimenta

On Feb. 19 and 20, Marcio Pimenta, an internationally-recognized freelance photographer and journalist, held a student talk and public lecture discussing entry into the journalism profession and the activism aspect of the industry. Pimenta’s two events were sponsored by the Lang Center

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