Students Raise Accessibility Concerns Amid Increased Construction

Increased construction and the recent heat wave have exacerbated pre-existing accessibility issues on campus. Routes to classes are longer and more variable, resulting in frustration among the student body. In an interview with The Phoenix, Rose West ’26 shared concerns she had

Welcome to the Free Zone Jungle

Narples. The expensive piece of brick that replaced the old ski-lodge-looking stone we called Sharples. It is the poster child of the power that donors have on Swarthmore. The Swarthmore ship depends on its sea of money to keep floating and expanding


Like a Fish Out of Water

One of my favorite television shows, when I was about thirteen, was “H2O: Just Add Water.” For those of you who aren’t acquainted with this absolute classic, the show follows three high school girls — Cleo, Emma, and Rikki — on their

Health Services Should Be Expanded

One of the most important features of an accessible campus is affordable, high-quality health care. Swarthmore should prioritize accessibility, but it is simply not doing enough to make the campus accessible. The services offered by Worth Health Center need improvements in order

A call for access

At this midpoint in the semester, most students find themselves in their routine. Thanks to the colored tabs in my calendar, I know when I must get out of bed, and alarms will guarantee that I will actually start my day five