Dead Eyes: Motion Capture’s Achilles Heel

When people left theaters in 2004 after viewing The Polar Express, people left with a feeling of discomfort. Personally, I left scared. I was so scared that I could not bring myself to watch it again for a couple of years. I

At The Wedding Review

Last Saturday, upon the invitation of a friend, I showed up punctually at 8 p.m. to see the newest production from the Swarthmore theater department: At The Wedding. The play, written by Bryna Turner and directed by Visiting Assistant Professor Jude Sandy,

The Weight of Photos

What can a photographer do in a war? Robert Capa, Willi Ruge, Larry Burrows, and more have shown us through their pictures the power of photography and its influence on the general public. In Robert Capa’s most iconic image of the Spanish

Uncertainty Amidst Closure: A Perspective from a PAFA Student

The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art (PAFA), celebrated as America’s first and oldest art school and museum institution, is currently in the process of closing its college. Just over a month ago, PAFA President Eric Pryor sent a distressing letter to the