Swarthmore’s very own LARP to return to campus

As the sesquicentennial approaches, a group of students is starting a new tradition at Swarthmore. The group, comprised of six students, including Riley Collins ’16, Randy Doyle ’16, Raymond Elias ’15, Leah Foster ’14, Josh Ginzberg ’15, and Julian Marin ’14, is

Conspiracy walls: dense information in a loose medium

The common reaction to conspiracy theories is playful, where, similar to showing friends YouTube videos, someone always has one they want to share next. Merriam-Webster defines a conspiracy theory as “a theory that explains an event or situation as the result of

Living in a PSIence PHIctional world

When asked about the purpose of Psi phi, most of the presidents seemed to agree that aside from serving as a social sphere, the purpose of Psi Phi is to engage in shenanigans. The club hosts various events throughout the year with

Chomsky at Swat? Noam way!

Noam Chomsky, renowned professor of linguistics and opponent of neo-liberalism, and his daughter Aviva Chomsky, professor of Latin American studies and political activist, visited Swarthmore on Tuesday to lecture about their respective fields. The lectures were co-sponsored by various departments, but the

When the Course Catalog Isn’t Enough

With Swarthmore’s reputation for non-conformity, the presence of special, custom-built majors don’t seem so out of place. Students that feel that their interests don’t fit specifically into any one department can apply for a special major in which they build their own

Shutdown panic sweeps campus, newspapers spared

With furloughed employees recently returning to their jobs now that the shutdown has come to an end, and America struggling to return to a semblance of normality, few would expect a new shutdown to be looming on the horizon. But, in December,

Alternative Eats

Most students can agree that Swarthmore isn’t the most culinarily diverse or accomplished school. It isn’t uncommon to hear students complaining in Sharples about the quality or variety of the food. Due to our distance from the metropolitan area, we are often

Leagues of gamers create legends at Swat

In 2009, a studio called Riot Games released a closed beta that would soon take over the world of competitive gaming. League of Legends was seen as a spiritual successor to Defense of The Ancients (DOTA), a Warcraft III: Frozen Throne modification.