Swatties Go To Washington

Swatties report back on their trips to Washington D.C. for the Inauguration. Dozens packed into cars or got on trains to witness the momentous event of President Barack Obama's inauguration, and all called it an unforgettable experience.

Darfur, Congo, and the Aftermath of Genocide

This past Wednesday, chief of New York Times West Africa bureau Lydia Polgreen gave a talk entitled “Darfur, Congo, and the Aftermath of Genocide.” Polgreen explained that she intended to [...]

Student Council 411

Meetings with Student Groups: The Lady Philosophers and Muslim Students Association Student Council continues to invite several student groups to their weekly meeting so as to develop stronger relationships with [...]

Gazette Picks

1. Automatic Citation Generators It has come to my attention that there are college students out there who don't know about the existence of these marvelous, bibliography generating tools. There [...]

The Big Chair: End of an Era

I write a "Where is the Big Chair?" Ask the Gazette about three or four times every year. Each time, we're sent a panicked e-mail from a concerned student, and [...]

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