Instead of Calling, London Answers

“Why don’t boys ever ask me on dates?” — Blair Helena Strocht Dear Blair, The possibilities are endless. Maybe they don’t get you, or they’re intimidated by your looks and aesthetic, or maybe they haven’t been romantically socialized properly. If you feel

On sexual politics: shared games and intimacy

Sex is always political, especially at Swarthmore. We draft and redraft flirty texts like press releases, assuming that every detail will be scrutinized the same way we dissect the cryptic proposals we receive. If you gossip, your approval rating for last night’s

French colloquium lets students see into world of academia

“Does it matter to you that the ‘philosophe’ is trying to get into the marquise’s pants?” interjected the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities’ Associate Professor Juliette Cherbuliez, at the close of Haverford College’s Associate Professor David Sedley’s lecture on Bernard Le Bovier de

Am I always rejected because of technology?

“Hey sexy,” sent DICK LICKER over Grindr. And people say the age of romance is dead. Technology has equipped us millennials with a myriad of platforms and social media outlets to court, flirt or cruise in ways our older peers couldn’t dream

Embracing a new year of old flames

As of now, I am halfway done with my degree, which is crazy. Returning to Swarthmore after my second summer is a bit strange because at this point I’ve done it all before: the bad fuck, the awkward Sharples conversation, the perfect

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