Senior Company to perform “Fefu and Her Friends”

From a night of Shakespeare’s scenes to a performance of “Company,” Swarthmore’s drama groups have already had a significant impact on campus entertainment this semester. The groups have used spaces from Upper Tarble to Olde Club to showcase their dramatic talent. However,

Yellow Stocking Players to perform Night of Scenes

If you’ve seen even one play, whether a professional production or the product of a high school’s drama class, you have likely seen a performance of Shakespeare. One of the most performed of all English playwrights, Shakespeare dominates the curriculum of English

Mixed Company builds on success, attracts new talent

For thousands of years, music has been a way in which humans communicate with one another. From the simplest wooden instrument to a priceless, delicately hand-crafted violin, people have sought to create and perfect ways of making music. Yet the simplest instrument

Topping off weekend with Orchestra 2001, choral group

This weekend, hundreds of parents descended upon campus to attend dozens of events for Garnet Weekend, including sporting events, workshops, faculty lectures and tours of the campus and Crum. Students and their parents got to sample many of the activities available on

QSA, SQU commemorate Coming Out Week 2011

Events highlighted LGBTQ issues at Swarthmore and beyond Few people — Swarthmore students among them — complain about getting time off for holidays. From Christmas to Independence Day, there are eleven U.S. Federal holidays that have been recognized by acts of Congress. Many are

TEDxSwarthmore set to bring alumni speakers in spring

From Nepal to New York to India to England, activists, entrepreneurs and scientists flock to Long Beach, California each year to present their most powerful ideas. All are gathered for one conference — TED. TED stands for Technology, Information and Design. It has hosted speakers