Leo Hecht ’24 on the Power of Student-Led Courses

Student-run courses are a long-standing Swarthmore tradition, but according to Leo Hecht ’24, not enough students take advantage of the opportunity. This past fall semester, Hecht taught POLS091SR: Culture and Conflict in Football to a group of peers under the supervision of

President Val Smith Welcomes Campus Input on New Strategic Plan

On Oct. 27, President Valerie Smith requested campus community feedback on the college’s current draft of its new strategic plan: Sustainable Swarthmore. Smith acknowledged that while the college has been developing the plan over the past eighteen months, Sustainable Swarthmore is still

President Valerie Smith Announces Sabbatical for Spring 2024 

On Sept. 13, 2023, President Valerie Smith announced in a campus-wide email plans to take a sabbatical during the upcoming spring semester. During Smith’s leave from Feb. 9, 2024 to Aug. 9, 2024, Provost Tomoko Sakomura and Vice President for Finance and

New Zero-Waste Initiatives Mark Gradual Progress Towards 2035 Goal

Upon returning to campus this semester, students face several changes meant to contribute to Swarthmore College’s sustainability initiatives. In June, the college established a new goal: to become a zero waste campus by 2035 and transition to energy-efficient practices in the coming