The Madness of March

COVID-19 has brought the world to a standstill. As people are losing jobs and many schools have begun to close, the sports world has also been hit hard by the virus. The NCAA has canceled March Madness, the largest NCAA sanctioned event

The Battle of Alberta

Canadians are typically depicted in pop culture as overly kind people that tend to apologize too much. The recent hockey games that have taken place in the Canadian city of Alberta over the past couple of months, however, have been anything but


Violence and Its Place in Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers and the Cleveland Browns have a bitter rivalry. Although the games have sometimes been chippy in the past, this past Thursday’s game reached a rare level of violence,  even for football. A scuffle broke out near the end of


The State of Sports Gambling

In 2015, Tayla Polia made a five-dollar bet on fifteen NFL games at 20,000 to one odds. By the end of the weekend, she had made $100,005. Most people that engage in sports gambling, however, are not as lucky as Polia. In

The Bizarre Beginning to the Browns’ Season

Since the 2008 NFL season, the Cleveland Browns have won at least seven games only twice. This season, however, is supposed to be different. For the first time in recent history the Browns appear to have an above-average quarterback. The swaggering, Heisman