‘Tis the season for Crum hikes and beach days

If you felt disappointed upon your initial arrival to Swarthmore this fall because you witnessed far fewer Parrish Beach hangouts than the admissions literature had advertised, you’re probably right to feel this way. I don’t have any data on the matter, but

Screw your roommate from the sidelines

  If Valentine’s Day is a celebration of romantic love and affection, then Screw Your Roommate — a celebration of the awkward, the flirtatious, the unknown, the sexually tense — is an apt precursor. Most relationships, particularly at Swarthmore, are necessarily preceded by

Living the alt music dream at olde club

I grew up in Miami, Florida. The music scene, if you can even call it that, is uninspired. Nothing in Miami exists that is analogous to the underground house show scenes of Philly or Brooklyn or Portland or some other hip American

What a difference a year at Swat makes

This past summer marks my eighth and last at the same Jewish sleepaway camp tucked in the Catoctin mountains of Pennsylvania. When I left for home at the end of two exhausting months as a counselor, I wasn’t sad to go. For