Zero Waste (EP01): The Dung Crisis

Ding-dong! A pile of DUNG has arrived in your backyard. Imagine a hill of human manure piling up in your backyard. You just flushed your smelly poop down the toilet, but proud products of bowel movements made by your neighbor and even

Towards a More Caring and Emotional World

Blossoming flowers and radiant sunshine hint at the arrival of April, the month of awakening nature and the end of an academic year. Sprouts poke their heads out all around us, but so do assignments; bees fly across our path, but so

The Feminine Architecture

On the streets, I stand tall and straight. I was built from reinforced concrete and steel, then clothed with brown bricks in stretcher bonds for aesthetics. I am a ten story apartment building, housing two households on each floor, with a vertical

An Invitation to Breathe

“I invite you all to breathe.” So,  I breathed in . I breathed out . It felt as if I have never truly breathed before. Last Thursday, my Ecofeminism(s) class was honored to invite environmental activists Zulene Mayfield and .O Payne as

Course Selection Aspirin

The pre-enrollment period is approaching. Scrolling through all the intriguing course titles, such as “Radical Jesus” or “Sacred Plants, Holy Fungi, and Religious Experience,” it just seems impossible to narrow them down. As I cannot handle more than four courses a semester,

Nature’s Murmur

Timescale Chauvinism is the idea that people exhibit bias in favor of their normal pace of existence. Daniel Dennett, in his book “Kinds of Minds”, proposes this concept to explain that people tend to disregard intelligence at a slower speed. Take a