Where I’m From

I usually don’t like telling people at Swarthmore where I’m from.  This is because I can inevitably predict what they’re going to say when I tell them that I’m from Hawaii, which usually falls along the lines of “Oh, how lovely! My


The Frontera Project: A Conversation on Connection

I honestly didn’t know what I was getting myself into when I decided to attend a showing of the Frontera Project here at Swarthmore. From what I could gather from the posters printed across campus, the Frontera Project was an interactive theatrical


Somehow, in just the first three weeks of this Fall semester, I managed both to forget to turn in a part of my musicianship homework and to try to analyze a poem that was frankly way too big to handle. So much

A Small Review on Swarthmore’s Smallest Dorm

Apparently, one of Swarthmore’s solutions to the residential overcrowding crisis was to put nine people into Kyle House, a dorm that has been offline for two and a half years due to the construction of Singer Hall. It also does not have

a very long ramble about damsels in distress

Hello again. So, this is the second installment of this column, which turned out to be a lot longer than what I expected it to be. Whoops. In my last article I said that eventually I’ll get around to talking about the

Something About Manic Pixie Dream Girls

A basic introduction to myself: My name is Rodessa (Dessa) Caguioa and, since middle school, I’ve had a fascination with tropes. I’m talking about the clichés you see in the media such as damsels in distress, the sick person, Chekhov’s gun —