A Stepping Stone for Progressives

Across the country, millions of voters headed to the polls on November 6 to cast a ballot in this year’s midterm elections. NPR notes that voter turnout was the highest for a U.S. midterm election since 1966, with 47 percent of eligible

Jess King is a Candidate to Watch

When one thinks about progressive politics, it is likely that rural Pennsylvania is not the first location to come to mind. That is exactly where we should be looking this election season, however, to Lancaster, PA — in Jess King’s campaign for

Against Reason: The Kavanaugh Nomination

Marriage equality. Reproductive rights. The right to privacy. Racial justice. These are just a few of the landmark decisions that have come out of the U.S. Supreme Court. These decisions affirmed liberties, rights, and above all else, furthered the cause of justice.