Nacht and English Department Host Pynchon Symposium

Nacht Magazine and the English Department co-hosted a symposium this past Tuesday on notoriously reclusive author Thomas Pynchon, writer of such novels as "Gravity's Rainbow" and "The Crying of Lot 49." The symposium was brought together as a continuation of Laura Backup’s

Will ITS Be Expanding Internet Restrictions in the Future?

An ominous bulletin appeared in the ITS spring newsletter: “3) Keeping out the riff-raff.” While this announcement is not particularly new or revelatory, it is a reminder that external computers attempt to infect the Swarthmore network daily. The ambiguity of the update

Craig Williamson, Medieval Studies Coordinator

The Gazette sat down with Professor of Englis Craig Williamson, the coordinator of the Medieval Studies program, to talk about the unique program at Swarthmore. Williamson discussed, among other things, being the world's leading expert on Anglo-Saxon riddles and the importance of