Nacht and English Department Host Pynchon Symposium

Nacht Magazine and the English Department co-hosted a symposium this past Tuesday on notoriously reclusive author Thomas Pynchon, writer of such novels as “Gravity’s Rainbow” and “The Crying of Lot 49.” The symposium was brought together as a continuation of Laura Backup’s article on the Thomas Pynchon wiki, and the theme of marginalia and fan culture in the most recent edition of Nacht Magazine.

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Will ITS Be Expanding Internet Restrictions in the Future?

An ominous bulletin appeared in the ITS spring newsletter: “3) Keeping out the riff-raff.” While this announcement is not particularly new or revelatory, it is a reminder that external computers attempt to infect the Swarthmore network daily. The ambiguity of the update had some people, including _The Daily Gazette_, wondering whether Annoucement Number Three was a sly hint that ITS would be increasing internet security, perhaps to the point of restricting file-sharing sites. The Daily Gazette sat down with Nick Hannon, ITS’s information security analyst, to unearth what exactly this Announcement Number Three meant.

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