Chinese Muslims: Mounting Tensions between Han and Hui

As I mentioned in the previous column about Meiri Anto’s experience growing up in China, the Chinese government officially recognizes 55 ethnic minorities within its borders in addition to the Han majority. As I said, my parents and I belong to the

Stranger in a Strange Land

In my last column I related the confusing experience of being born and raised in China as an ethnic Korean and then immigrating to the U.S. at age seven. I belonged to one of the largest of the 56 state-recognized ethnic minorities

Growing Up As a Permanent Alien

Growing up as an ethnic minority in many different places meant that I never quite fit in, no matter where I was. I was born in Harbin, China but moved to Beijing when I was just one year old because of my

Voyage To the New World

Two weeks ago, a bipartisan group of U.S. senators were finally able to agree on a comprehensive plan to reform the U.S. immigration system. It seems like immigration is an issue we hear a lot about these days from politicians, political commentators,


Just last week, with Chinese New Year right around the corner, I got a call from my grandparents. Through my broken Chinese, I learned that they were making their annual journey by train to my uncle’s home just outside Beijing a bit


Coming Out Week Offers Safety, But No Imperative

“Coming Out Week,” Swarthmore’s annual celebration of queer identity, swung into action last week with a “Queernival” last Thursday outside Sharples, a SQU-hosted party at Paces Saturday night, and an OASIS-sponsored Open Mic featuring slam poet Kai Davis on Sunday night. Plenty


ENLACE kicks off Latin@ Heritage Month

The Latin@ student organization ENLACE is hosting a variety of events this month in celebration of Latin@ heritage and commemoration of its rich history in the United States. Latin@ Heritage Month hit the ground running with a lecture on Wednesday in the