Artist of the Week Elizabeth Labows ’22 on Balance

When Elizabeth Labows ’22 first showed me her senior studio on the third floor of Beardsley earlier this semester, I was delighted by the large ceramic vessels and sculptural pieces lining the room. It’s easy to picture her spending countless hours drafting

Ari Liloia’s “ghost town,” A Brief Review

Almost exactly one year ago, Ari Liloia ’21 released his first album, a tight twenty-five minute ASMR-ambient masterpiece entitled “ghost town,” which can be listened to on Spotify, bandcamp, and SoundCloud. In sixteen tracks, including “charged places 1” and “host town,” Ari


Seeing Red Again: On Mark Rothko

Content Warning: This article contains imagery of suicide. Over winter break I took a long-awaited trip to the St. Louis Art Museum (SLAM). A few years ago, the SLAM built a new wing to house temporary exhibits, in addition to some contemporary


We Are More Together Now

The other day, the coldest day so far this term, I couldn’t help but notice pairs of friends all over campus walking arm-in-arm, holding each other tight. I noticed as they sprang in uniform steps through the redwood alley or floated blissfully


John Berger and Finding Beauty

I am one of those people who tends to avoid silence at all costs. Typically, my avoidance manifests as seeking busier study spaces, constant background music, or a podcast — what I’ve started to casually identify as “a bit of chatter in

Breaking Up With My Shampoo Bottle

Over the break I decided, almost spontaneously, that I was going to get rid of all of my shampoo and never use it again. Like every other New Year’s resolution I’ve made throughout my twenty years on planet Earth, I figured that