Second Olde Club show of year hits the sweet spot

The second show at Olde Club this year, featuring artists Brianna Cash and Xenia Rubinos, was subdued and intimate at times, and made you want to dance at others. The show started at 10 p.m. last Thursday, November 6, and ended at

Galvez giving voice to the disparate diasporic Latino

In José Galvez’s talk on Wednesday, September 24, many of the ambiguities present in the exhibit shown in McCabe’s atrium from August 26 to September 26 were clarified. The talk began with Galvez being introduced by Professor Milton Machuca-Gálvez, who was responsible

José Galvez’s series disaggregates Latino identity

McCabe rarely gets an exhibit as immediately thought-provoking as the one currently on display. “De Mis Viajes” — “From My Travels” in Spanish — is a photographic exploration by José Galvez of Latin American communities in the United States. The series, organized