Civil Rights, Democrats, and the 21st Century

Last week, a column was published entitled “Historically, Democrats are the real bigots.”  Although I take pride in my party affiliation, I don’t feel that it is my responsibility to defend the Democratic Party merely for the sake of supporting a side.

Senate republicans depart from reality

Over the past week, Swarthmore saw a departure of students leaving campus for spring break. On Capitol Hill, Senate Republicans seem to have experienced a similar phenomenon, leaving behind any appearance of rationality and common sense behind by authoring a letter to

Should Bill Cosby still hold an honorary degree?

In 1995, William H. Cosby Jr., received an honorary doctorate in humane letters from Swarthmore College.  In November of 2014, accusations of sexual misconduct surrounding Bill Cosby dominated the news, though it was certainly not the first time similar claims had been

A disappointing State of the Union

On January 20, President Obama delivered the annual State of the Union address to Congress. It was his sixth such address, but the first with a notably upbeat tone.  Not only did this edition mark the first time that Obama described the