In Defense of the Ordinary

Recently, during one of my too-many-times-a-day Twitter procrastination scrolls, I stumbled across a poem. I immediately screenshotted it and sent it to a few friends because it struck a nerve with me. The poem, by William Martin, is called “Do not ask

Wilcox Lecturer Shares Merits of Social Democracy

Last Tuesday, students and faculty filled Sci 101 for the Department of Economics’s Wilcox lecture. The Wilcox lecture series is named for Professor Clair Wilcox, who taught at Swarthmore in the 1920s through 60s, was the Economics department chair for many decades,

First Stage of Singer Hall Complete

For faculty and students in the biology, engineering, and psychology departments, this fall brings the excitement of a new building. So far, only the engineering department has moved into Singer Hall The building, donated by the Lang family, named for  Maxine Frank

Rethinking the Way We Talk About Climate Change

In my Introduction to Environmental Studies class, one of our first projects was about climate communication. In order to be a compelling environmental activist, we reasoned, you have to be able to start productive conversations with the vast majority of Americans, most