Students Launch Mobile App to Spotlight Campus Social Scene

On Jan. 19, Spotlyte, an app designed to help Swarthmore students find and host social events, launched successfully, gaining over 400 downloads in under a week. The app’s launch came after 11 months of hard work, constant improvements, and an initial setback. 

WSRN Returns to Airwaves After Two-Year Hiatus

For the first time in two years, the Worldwide Swarthmore Radio Network (WSRN) is back on the air. Its first shows premiered in the first week of October.  Over a century old, WSRN has been an integral part of the college’s history.

Rocketry Club Takes Off

Designing rockets that reach mile-high altitudes may seem like something only available to professionals, but thanks to Swarthmore’s Rocketry Club, students here at Swarthmore are building and launching their own rockets.  The rocketry club was founded by Kevin Dee ’22 and Simon