Docuseries Can Teach Empathy and Understanding

I publicly sobbed while watching “When They See Us” and “Unbelievable.” Both of these shows are docuseries, television series that follow real events. I was left with a deep-seated frustration and despair towards the American justice system. These two cases are each


The Medicalization of Desire

Men in the medical field couldn’t understand why their wives didn’t enjoy having sex with them, so instead of finding the clitoris, psychiatrists in the 1950s decided their wives must have a medical disorder. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders

A Case Study in Pharmaceutical Manipulation

Pharmaceutical companies have repeatedly proved that they care more about their profits than the patients their products treat. They refuse to make medication affordable or available to people in the Global South, pay off doctors to prescribe their medication, and dramatically increase

The Journey from Penis Envy and Lab Sex to Female Viagra

From the Oedipal complex to penis envy, the origin of psychology is tied to the study of sexuality. This makes sense; if psychology ignored the way sexuality affected people, it would be unable to understand the basics of the human psyche. Sexual