StuCo Considers Donating Rollover SBC Funds to College

College deans, Student Council, and members of the Student Budget Committee are currently discussing the possibility of donating SBC’s unspent funds for the year–funds that come from the student activity fee–back to the college to help cover college expenses. Student Council is likely going to hold a student referendum on whether or not students want to donate these extra funds, and what they want to donate them to.

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ML “Mouse Patrol” Sparks Privacy Concerns

On the morning of Wednesday the 18th, a few students in Mary Lyons were woken up by two deans on a “mouse patrol” to take note of food storage conditions in ML. A student who wished to remain anonymous told the Gazette that his door was locked and he was sleeping when Associate Dean for Student Life Myrt Westphal and Assistant Dean for Residential Life Rachel Head entered his room around 10 AM.

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