Heard Through the Grapevine: Spring Concert Warms Swarthmore

“Hi everyone, thanks for coming out. We are Grapevine, Swarthmore’s most fun, most female, most fruity acapella group,” said Emily Uhlmann ’19 warmly during last Saturday’s spring Grapevine concert in an almost-filled Sci 101. The performance was replete with themes of female


Senior Thesis Exhibitions Electrify List Gallery

When I interviewed him about his thesis, studio art major Tiye Pulley ’19 told me that he loves religious paintings with their angelic and demonic figures, but that he wanted to “paint them like my own disturbed and bloodied angels.” Stepping into

Ethics: A Forgotten Component of Computer Science Education

Today’s tech industry is given a mysterious glow by popular culture. Coders are seen as prodigies creating a newly imagined future whose mechanisms the rest of us no longer understand. This exciting and secretive position can be extremely alluring for math-inclined college

“Mid90s” is a Poignant Bildungsroman with Little to Say

7/10 stars Released on October 19, Jonah Hill’s directorial debut, “Mid90s,” presents a dark, meandering story about a young boy in Los Angeles who discovers skateboarding as an escape from his deeply troubled home life. The story is not heavily plot-driven, it