Bodas De Sangre: Cycles of Role-Playing and Revenge

Bodas de Sangre (Blood Wedding) surges with passion and poetry, and McFeely Sam Goodman's original production vividly captures the turbulent desires and fears of characters plunging towards a shared catastrophe. The Honors Directing Thesis of Goodman '10 situates Federico García Lorca's powerful

Back to our Roots: The Butter and Egg Man Brings Comic Delight

Invoking all the rollicking charm of a good old-fashioned comedy, _The Butter and Egg Man_ is an affectionate send-up of the theater business and all its vanities, venalities, and thrills. Deftly directed by Anne Coleman ’10, Drama Board’s spring offering immerses the

Hayavadana Divides, Conquers, and Unifies

Divided Together: Hayavadana is a theatrical event of pluralities. As the title suggests, Hayavadana explores themes of division and reconciliation, and the Department of Theater's Production Ensemble presents a multicultural, multisensory, and multilayered staging that engages the audience in a synergetic theatrical

The Island Unleashes History and Performance

Legends and history collide with explosive results in the Theater Department’s upcoming production of The Island. A staging driven by the momentum of two dynamic performances and an intensely political text, the Honors Acting Thesis of Niccolo Moretti ’10 offers a compelling