Bike Share Program Gains Support

Student Council is considering implementing a bike share program, where students could use community bikes to travel around campus and the surrounding area. Rachel Bell ’10, StuCo president, said that there will be “bikes scattered all around campus, painted the same color, or with at least some type of logo so you know it’s part of the bike-share program. It will be a grab and go program.”

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More Freshmen Interested in Science and Pre-Med, Pre-Law Paths

Intro-level chemistry and physics have had to scramble to add extra lab sections due to increased enrollment by freshman. Meanwhile, pre-med and pre-law interest meeting had over 120 students attend, a jump from 70 and 45 respectively in previous years. Many freshmen, some think, are coming in more interested in pre-professional careers that are seen as more sure things in today’s economy.

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