Poetry and Phenomenon with Luke Fischer

I’m not sure if I’m alone in this opinion, but Swarthmore’s Ville is a liminal space. Once you cross the train tracks, there’s a sense of light disorientation that I typically associate with ending up at a Target right before it’s closing,

Friday Night at the PMA

The change in weather was instantaneous for most. A mix of museum regulars, families, and students, encrusted with ice shed their windproof layers and melted into the sounds of a decidedly warmer climate.  As the recent bout of winter weather swept through

Mandalas and Microcosms at the Black Cultural Center

This past Saturday, the Black Cultural Center saw students and faculty gathered around tables stacked with tubs of acrylic paints and mason jars filled with bouquets of paintbrushes as it hosted artist and art therapist S. Ross Browne for the Therapeutic Abstract

Restoring Restorations with Bryn Mawr’s Genji Screen

“The flowers were falling. I know cherry blossoms usually fall in one or two weeks but these looked rusted with cigarette smoke,” conservator Yoshi Nishio noted as a close-up of Bryn Mawr’s Genji Screen is shown before his restoration work. This past