A Review: Quenching a “Thirst” for Vampire Films

Sorry, “Twilight” fans, “Thirst” (2009) is the best modern-day vampire film. Having come out only a year after the kickstarter to the fan-favorite franchise, Park Chan Wook’s psychological thriller demonstrates what a true paragon of vampire film looks like, delivering a bizarre


The Undertaking of “Understory”

Very rarely does a college student manage to participate in the making of a feature film, much less direct and write their own. And yet, Jake Rothman, a Swarthmore senior, has brilliantly crafted an 88-minute-long debut feature film with his brother Manny

Making Swarthmore’s Injustice System More Transparent

Have you ever fully read the student handbook? Have you ever even looked at the student handbook? The answer too often for both questions seems to be a resounding no. Considering it’s a guideline regarding all of the college’s official policies, you