Johnny shares the very best of TV holiday episodes

Now that it’s the beginning of December, the holiday season that starts with Halloween and culminates in the Hallmark-sanctioned lovefest of February 14, is currently in full swing. While some people bemoan this annual occurrence for its forced cheer and seemingly incessant

On Mitchell and Ivanek: when good actors go bad

As any avid television fan knows, one of the most disheartening events in one’s life is realizing that a personally beloved actor has been cast in a show that’s simply not good. Over the years, I’ve watched this phenomenon happen several times.

Advent of Halloween sees horror TV outdo film

As Halloween looms less than a week away, this time of year would usually be a period of celebration for the quintessential horror fan. Unfortunately, the month of October has been severely deficient in its output of quality horror movies. Or horror

Guilty pleasure shows still strike emotional chord

Watching the sporadically entertaining telecast of the Emmy awards on September 18, I was shocked by two personal discoveries. First of all, I’d never thought that I would actually care about the best movie/miniseries categories until Kate Winslet managed to become one