“Twelfth Night” Delights with Original Music, Gender-Play

The gender-bending, farcical and poignant production of Twelfth Night opens Saturday, December 5th at 2pm in Upper Tarble. This is no ordinary version of Shakespeare’s masterpiece. Director Helen Stott ’10, Sirkka Natti ’11 and Glenn Stott ’12 composed original music that is

What Happened to the Co-Op Discount?

The familiar Swarthmore grocery or Co-op in the Ville has temporarily eliminated the 10% discount given to Swarthmore students. Gerry Greway, general manager of the Co-op, explained that the main reason for this decision was based on the opinions of the shop's

Nalo Hopkinson Reading

“I’d never known whether it was the same creature hunting me or whether a different one came every time or whatever. It always looked different. Today the detail that gave it away, was its hands,” read Nalo Hopkinson from her newest work-in-progress

350 Week Aims To Create Dialogue About Sustainability

International Climate Day of Action is October 24, 2009, and to go along with that, Earthlust is hosting 350 week, an initiative to raise environmental awareness on campus. ”It’s not just about hitting that number," said an Earthlust member, "it’s a symbol