Getting Honest About Quaker Values

For the love of God, or the Inner Light, or Lucretia Mott, or even William Penn, can Swatties please stop spouting off about “Quaker Values?”  Last week, SGO treated our inboxes to yet another pious proclamation of these values, informing us all


Security Theater in McCabe Library

The opinions expressed in this article are solely the author’s and do not reflect the views of The Phoenix Editorial Board.  Why, in the name of Anthony Fauci, is McCabe Library quarantining books?  In my first week back on campus, I stopped

Suburbia Goes Blue

The blue wave buoying Democrats across the country has come to Delaware County. For the first time since the Civil War, Democrats control the County Council. It’s an impressive feat of political organizing, and an encouraging defeat for old-fashioned machine politics. But

@Jack’s Answer to Zuckerberg

The startup founders of the mid aughts imagined themselves as heroic figures, creating an internet that would be more accessible and social than ever before. They got exactly what they dreamed of: an open, democratized internet. But instead of liberating and uplifting

Not Many Jokes in “Joker”

The comic book picture has conquered American movies. Nine of the top twenty box office hits this decade were superhero films; the rest are either remakes of or sequels to already existing titles. Dozens more movies, made by Marvel (owned by Disney),

Thinking Through Impeachment

The beginning of impeachment proceedings against President Trump will almost certainly define the last stage of his presidency, and potentially the future of both parties. It’s still far too early to know what the results of the impeachment inquiry may be. We


Bad Dad Astra

“Ad Astra” is an ambitious movie, both thematically and visually audacious. It succeeds as a first-rate portrayal of space travel during a minor cinematic boom of “hard” science fiction movies (that is, sci-fi meant to look like it could actually happen). But