Powered-packed World Series Matchup Underway

The David and Goliath story, of biblical origin, is a classic one in sports. The Goliath stands on one side, a team that has won 100+ games in three consecutive seasons, whose most recent world championship came just two seasons ago. On

America Has Grown Tired of “Collusion”

The fact that Russian actors engaged in attempts to influence the outcome of the 2016 presidential election is not a matter of debate. What has been up to debate since the summer of 2016 is to what degree Donald Trump and his

Virginia Redeems Itself, Wins National Championship

Redemption. There is nothing quite like it in the world of sports. One year ago, then No. 1 seed Virginia men’s basketball lost to the No. 16 seeded UMBC Retrievers in the opening round of the 2018 NCAA tournament, the first time

Why ISIS Remains a Threat

“U.S.-Backed Forces Declare Defeat Of ISIS ‘Caliphate,’” the headline read. On Saturday, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, the militant jihadist group that has terrorized the world, and especially Iraq and Syria, finally lost the last remnants of its territory in

Garnet Baseball Start the Season Hot in Steamy Florida

When a team finishes their season standing amongst the six best teams in the country, they can face fairly lofty expectations the next year. Such is the case for this year’s baseball team that advanced to last year’s Division III College World

Israel Needs Change but BDS is not the Answer

Since Israel’s 1967 capture of Gaza and the West Bank, seemingly little has changed in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The territories remain under military rule and peace seems no closer. The Oslo Accords of 1993, where Israel and the Palestinian Authority recognized each

Patriots keep the dynasty alive

That’s it, another NFL season in the books. This was a season not without its fair share of controversy as Steelers star Le’Veon Bell refused a contract to play all year, and discussion of kneeling during the national anthem continued. But all

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