Graduation Ceremony to be Translated into Spanish

For the first time, this year's Swarthmore College commencement ceremony will be translated into Spanish. For several years the ceremony has been translated into American Sign Language, but the college recently purchased the equipment necessary to make verbal simultaneous translation possible.

How to Share a Bike

Student Council's revitalized bike program begins this week. It had begun last fall, but was hampered by maintenance difficulties when Swarthmore Cycles went bankrupt.

The Evolution of Green Roofs at Swarthmore

Swarthmore was one of the first institutions in the area to build a green roof and, though they are becoming a more common green technology, Swarthmore’s roofs still remain distinctive. In 2011 the Green Roof and Wall Conference will be in Philadelphia,

The Local Foods Dinner: A Yearly Treat

The annual Sharples Celebrate Local Foods dinner was Tuesday night. See photos from behind the scenes and learn a little about what was involved in bringing this delicious meal to campus.

At Home with Liz Braun

A look inside Dean of Student's Liz Braun's house, with photos and questions about how she chose to decorate her new home.

Archeology and War

A lecture by Brian Rose on his initiative to educate American troops on the cultural heritage of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Goodman ’10’s Play Brings Loves, Laughs, and Swordfish

_Eats Shoots and Ladders_, which is Sam Goodman '10's Honors Playwriting thesis and directed by visiting artist Rebecca Wright, will be staged this weekend. The play is "an experiment with style" that attempts to take relatable life experiences and exaggerate them, focusing