The value of human doctors over robots

It’s a dimly lit office. Four large computer screens come alive with a patient’s mammogram. Dr. Dan Miner ’77, senior radiologist at the Southern New Hampshire Hospital and my externship host, examines several dozen images to see if he can detect an

Charting Delhi’s changing political skyline

A strained silence fills the hall as Delhi’s newly elected chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal, rises from his seat to address the Delhi legislative assembly for the first time. He wears the same scarf and sweater that he wore throughout his campaign. His

Rethinking assumptions

We have the tendency to make quick assumptions about others without knowing them. So when a bearded man with a turban walks down the street, he is quickly assumed to be a religious fundamentalist — most likely an Islamic one. This is

Ethical conundra in human genome research

To know more. This is what motivated scientists to initially conceive the idea of the Human Genome Project. As they mapped all the genes in our 23 chromosomes and tried to figure out how genes work, how they are regulated, which gene