Pick Up Hockey with Motherpuckers

Incoming college first years are always encouraged to try new things, join new clubs, and meet new people. Some students stick to things they have some familiarity with, while others dive head first in something they’ve never tried. On Sundays and Thursdays


Club Boxing Team Attracts Wide Interest

If you are anywhere near Tarble gym on Monday or Saturday night and hear the sound of muffled music and rhythmic pounding from below, it is likely that you are hearing the practice of the newly founded Swarthmore Boxing Club practice. Started


Men’s Soccer Hot Through First Games

The Men’s Soccer team has had the best start to the season in years, winning their first 5 games. Captained by seniors Oliver Steinglass and Joseph Bradley, the Garnet are looking to challenge for the Centennial Conference Championship and a bid to

They Never Stop Running

For many Swarthmore athletes, one season is enough. With daily practices, weekly games, and a full course schedule, the season can certainly be a grueling time. That being said there are many advantages to not being in-season time, namely a much freer

March is Here, but Lacks Madness

Last Thursday was the beginning of the NCAA Division I College Basketball Tournament. Colloquially, this period from late March to early April is known as March Madness. This massively popular tournament has become a social event, with tens of millions of Americans

Club Squash Team Finishes Highest in Years

Not many Swatties know that squash is one of the few co-ed club sports offered on campus. This could be for a number of reasons; the squash courts were torn down to make way for the construction of the Matchbox in 2014,

The Importance of the NHL Final Push

Unlike most other American sports leagues and despite a long 82-game season, the National Hockey League structure allows 16 of the 31 teams to make the playoffs; that’s over half. This makes for a lot of parity in the playoffs. Consider the