Being a low-income student at Swarthmore

College had always been part of my life plan. My parents were working-class high school graduates. I was the oldest of four and a straight-A student with a love of science and an intense drive to get a college degree. For my

Israel/Palestine Film Series Prompts Discourse

After its successful debut last year, the Israel/Palestine Film Series is returning this semester in an attempt to supplement the analytical study of Israeli and Palestinian politics and to shed some light on the underlying emotional complexities of the conflict. Last Wednesday,

Blake Oetting meets Medieval Art at the Met

This summer, as Swarthmore students left campus to pursue various jobs and internships, art history major Blake Oetting ’18 traveled to New York City for an internship at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Working primarily at The Met Cloisters in Upper Manhattan

Kettly Mars on writing “Savage Seasons”

Last Wednesday evening, faculty and students gathered in the Scheuer Room in Kohlberg to welcome Haitian novelist and poet Kettly Mars. Mars read from her newest book “Savage Seasons” for its English debut. The talk, organized by French department professor Micheline Rice-Maximin,

Band profile: Altair

Student trio Altair was one of four bands representing the college at Saturday’s TriCo Battle of the Bands. Consisting of Nate Dow ’18, Shruti Pal ’18, and Stefan Laos ’17, Altair describe themselves as an alternative rock band. The band got its

Band Profile: Honey Pickup

Swarthmore student band Honey Pickup performed last Saturday night at Bryn Mawr’s Battle of the Bands. Musicians Dan Eisler ’16, Cosmo Alto ’16, Andrew Gilchrist-Scott ’16, and Hanyu Chwe ’16 began playing together as Honey Pickup last semester, but they explained that

Honors theater seniors draw crowds with Irish drama

Last weekend, the Frear Ensemble Theater buzzed with excitement as students, faculty, and community members arrived to view the widely advertised senior thesis play AIRSWIMMING, a historical drama set in Ireland in the 1920s. Starring theater honors majors Michelle Johnson ’16 and

“What is Ballet?” enlightens students about Swan Lake

Students entering the Matchbox last Saturday afternoon could faintly hear the beautiful orchestration of Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake ballet upstairs in Tarble Commons. The Peripeteia workshop, “What is Ballet?”, taught by Gabriela Brown ‘18, garnered an audience walking in with varying

“Everyone Doodles” makes art approachable

Last Saturday afternoon, students and community members ventured into SCI 145 in anticipation of one of the many courses offered during the Peripeteia weekend. This particular workshop, “Everyone Doodles”, was developed and taught by David Holmgren ‘18. With the understanding that the