Swatties build worlds

“What is Ash Ketchum eating?” asked Rachel Davis ’19 during her Peripeteia workshop devoted to examining worldbuilding in fiction. “I suppose the writers thought no one would think about implications of casually eating meat in a world of non-sentient animals? But people

McCabe Displays International Graphic Novel Collection

Several graphic novels assembled by Hazlett Henderson ’17, who recently received the Newton prize for her collection, are currently being displayed at McCabe Library. “Graphic novels are a really compelling way to tell a narrative. They’re short, but they contain a lot

Sharon Gerstel Examines Light in Art and Architecture

“The church shines with its middle part brightened, for bright is that coupled with the bright, and bright is the noble edifice which is pervaded by the light” quoted UCLA Professor of Byzantine Art and Archaeology Sharon Gerstel from patron of architecture

Kitao and Peripeteia collaborate on art-focused prelude

Ushering in the Fall Arts Festival, a three day event focused on student creative practices and community-building, Kitao and Peripeteia hosted a discussion on Art and Power. The event brought together faculty members and students for a free-form conversation. The weekend festival