Faculty Members Unsure About Zoom Privacy Issues

Aside from making national headlines for being the main online application that colleges are turning towards during the COVID-19 outbreak, Zoom has received much media attention for its privacy and security issues. As was reported by multiple major news outlets, one of

Students Form Swarthmore Queer Athletes Organization

A new student organization, Swarthmore Queer Athletes (SQA), is starting on campus. Founded by student-athletes Eléonore Moser ’20, Seneca Kinn-Gurzo ’20, and Sydney Covitz ’20, SQA will be centered around gender and sexuality in connection to athletics. SQA’s initial meeting will be

Serenity Soular Wellness Event

Last Friday, Feb. 7, Serenity Soular hosted a wellness event in the Eldridge Commons at the Science Center. Students were treated to snacks and essential oils, got to make their own tea bags, and also took home some free succulents.  Serenity Soular,


Students Receptive to C.A.P.S. Update, But Not Satisfied

In the first week of the Spring semester, Counseling and Psychological Services sent the campus community an email update on Swarthmore College’s mental health resources. The email, titled “C.A.P.S. Update,” shared how C.A.P.S. will implement changes to more effectively and equitably respond